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White Paper with Brights Learning Germany

Case: Learning SAP

Learning SAP can be this easy

Learning from a “real” company: This is the innovative training approach of our new training partner in4MD Service GmbH. Our SAP Academy participants learn complex SAP expertise in a practical and easy-to-understand manner using a model company.

SAP is dynamic and ever-evolving in addition to being comprehensive. As some tools and services are eliminated, others are added. Because of this, it’s critical that both SAP newcomers and current users are aware of the full range of services as well as they should always keep their knowledge updated. What is the simplest method to learn, then?

It is quite simple and only by trying out real scenarios based on a “real” company – Otto Bikes. The innovative training approach of our partner in4MD Service, which enables exactly that, is called “Guided Learning”. It is primarily aimed at SAP newbies, but is also suitable for experienced users who want to continue to develop their skills in an increasingly fast-changing IT world. Babett Ruß is our SAP training and hosting expert. She has accompanied our SAP Academy with Capgemini from the very beginning and trained the participants at the SAP model company.

"Guided Learning": Learning SAP is that easy

Since SAP is so extensive, we always start on a theoretical level with all participants. This provides a good overview of the individual level of knowledge. After that, the specialist knowledge is then imparted in varying depths and granularity. That is the basis. The difference to other trainings is the implementation. Everything that we discuss theoretically can be implemented by the participants themselves in a virtual model company. This implementation is extensively documented step by step. Our training materials are detailed, informative and ensure that no one gets lost on the path of trying things out for themselves.

Our SAP Academy facilitates knowledge transfer by consolidating the training within a three-month period. The program applies theoretical skills to Otto Bikes which is a fictional bicycle company that serves as the model company for the training. The training is based on the model company’s dataset. Additionally, the training is modular and structured around individual processes, each containing presentation slides, introductory exercises, and cross-module case studies. These materials are designed to demonstrate basic concepts and provide more detailed information. All documents can be accessed through various user interfaces, including the SAP GUI and the browser-based SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA.

Otto Bikes: The SAP Model Company

SAP Academy participants gain authentic practical experience by working with Otto Bikes, a fictional company that utilizes SAP. The concept and implementation were developed by our cooperation partner, in4MD Service. By applying knowledge to a real company, participants can better understand and apply integrated business processes within a complex SAP S/4HANA system.

Otto Bikes is appropriate for both SAP beginners and advanced users due to the training system’s modular structure. The system breaks down complex business processes into individual topic areas, which are explained theoretically before being applied in case studies.

Focus and Goal of SAP Academy

Learning SAP means learning a new language. That's why I start all my training courses very systematically. It's especially important to me to make sure participants don't get too overloaded. The knowledge is modular and no one has to be able to do everything in one day. My focus is on reducing fear of contact, building up basic understanding and, above all, enabling people to help themselves.

Where do I find help? How do I deal with problems? What do I do when the system doesn’t want what I want? These and similar questions come up again and again in the courses. Here, too, the trainers are always at the side of the participants and there is also help in peer-to-peer learning. Babett Ruß also has a “secret weapon”: Humor. When IT is theoretically dry, her everyday anecdotes and jokes lighten things up.

Learning SAP from the best

The core pedagogy of Academy Work and Academy trainings emphasizes hands-on, fast-paced learning, continuous teamwork, and constant feedback. Training is centered around concrete, job-related tasks that are relevant to future roles in the workplace. Accelerated learning enables efficient acquisition of new knowledge. Our pedagogy is built on experienced trainers who are true professionals in their respective fields. Also, this is the case in our cooperation with the team from in4MD Service. The trainers, such as Babett Ruß, are all former employees of the SAP University Competence Center in Magdeburg. 

The SAP UCC Magdeburg hosts SAP solutions for hundreds of German and international institutions and educational facilities, making it the largest center of its kind in the world. In order to be able to optimally support the educational institutions in their training and teaching, curricular are offered that are adapted to the hosting services. This means that our trainers at the SAP Academy are experienced in SAP hosting and in the creation of learning materials.

SAP for Future!?

What role will SAP play in the future? Is it really worth investing in SAP know-how?

SAP runs the world... and we help. The world must become more digital; the shortage of skilled workers and our ever-increasing demands almost automatically ensure turbo-digitization! SAP will play a decisive role in this. Those who know SAP will definitely be able to choose their jobs in the future. I am confident of that!

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