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Beginners and advanced SAP users



What is SAP HANA

SAP HANA is the database (DB) of the future from SAP with queries and transactions in real time using in-memory technology. The entire SAP Business Suite is available on SAP HANA, and is therefore particularly relevant for all SAP S/4HANA as well as BW/4HANA systems, for example. Additionally, it serves as a development as well as integration platform for software applications in real time. It contains various functions for application development. (beide Texte integriert)

Possible topics

For Administrators (9-10 days)

  • HANA overview, architecture and processes
  • HANA DB operation & troubleshooting
  • Parameterization and checks
  • Administration tools – SAP HANA Studio
  • Administration tools – SAP HANA Cockpit
  • Updates
  • Monitoring tools
  • Memory management and persistence
  • Backup and recovery
  • Security management
  • Users, roles and permissions
  • High availability
  • Sizing
  • Dynamic Tiering, Data Aging, NSE
  • Smart Data Integration
  • XS Advanced

For Developers (7-10 days)

  • SAP HANA Modeling
  • Replicating and loading data (SDI/SDA)
  • XS Advanced and the SAP HANA WebIDE
  • Reporting
  • Roles and authorizations
  • Native Development
  • Data Mining (SAP HANA AFL)
  • Text Analytics
  • Geospatial Processing

Download Training Catalogue

You can download the entire training catalogue as a pdf file.

Explanations of the Procedure


Convey the basic theoretical knowledge on the individual topics.


Users click through simple exercises to better understand the theoretical content.

 Case Studies

Users learn the theoretical content directly on the system by means of case studies. These are more challenging than the exercises.

Icon Live-Demo (Zahnrad) Live Demos on the System

Various processes are demonstrated on the SAP system.