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SAP Business Technology Platform: The key to digital transformation

Everyone is talking about the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), but what exactly is it? What unique features set SAP BTP apart? And how does it help businesses enhance their operational efficiency?

What is SAP BTP?

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is serves as a comprehensive, cloud-based innovation platform. It combines functions as application development, process automation, data analysis, integration and artificial intelligence in a single core environment.

As a PaaS (Platform as a Service), it provides the basis for the development, execution and management of applications in the cloud. By using BTP, companies can develop and implement innovative solutions faster to respond to market changes and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

At the core of the platform are powerful data and analytics tools, extensive application development and automation capabilities. Advanced options for integrating existing systems with new solutions also form a key component of the platform. It also supports the implementation of artificial intelligence to promote intelligent decisions and overcome complex challenges.

Key Features of SAP BTP

SAP BTP graphic: Core functions as 4 pillars of SAP BTP
The 4 Pillars of SAP BTP

Opportunities with SAP BTP SAP

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a complex structure consisting of several key components that together represent a comprehensive solution for companies.

SAP BTP as a Trailblazer for a Digital Future

The SAP Business Technology Platform represents a future-oriented solution that enables companies to operate successfully in a digital ecosystem. With its core components, such as optimized data management, user-centric application development, integration and the use of intelligent technologies, it stands as a cornerstone for efficient business processes and innovation. Its modular structure ensures flexibility and scalability to meet current and future requirements.