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What is an SAP Model Company?

The fictitious bicycle company “Otto Bikes”, which we use as illustrative material in our training courses, often gives rise to questions. In addition to the question of whether it is a real company that produces bicycles, the most common question is probably: Why are we using an SAP Model Company for our training courses instead of our own company? A question that we want to answer in this article.

What is a Model Company?

An SAP Model Company is a ready-made, industry-specific or cross-industry reference solution. It maps SAP best practices and processes, very similar to a real company, which can be tailored to the relevant business environment.

With such a model company, fictitious scenarios can be run through in a controlled environment. This makes it possible to depict individual business processes, such as the sale of products or the procurement of materials, in a simple and comprehensible way.

This can help organizations to accelerate their digital transformation and simplify the implementation process for SAP solutions.

The Benefits of a Pre-configured Business Environments

A Model Company offers numerous advantages for a company that wants to transform or optimize its business processes. Here are some of these benefits:

Inside Look at Otto Bikes: What does it offer?

The Otto Bikes model company comprises the entire data set of a manufacturing bicycle company whose relevant business processes are embedded in SAP S/4HANA. This enables comprehensive and realistic examples and scenarios to be used during training, exercises and case studies.

Moreover, as the company’s standard processes from the SAP Best Practice Guides are implemented, the data that Otto Bikes works with is “untouched”, so to speak. This means that your company’s own data does not have to be used. In addition, thanks to the model company, participants can look into business areas that they would not or only partly come into contact with under normal circumstances. That promotes understanding of the integrated business processes.

Furthermore, participants in our training courses have a better overview of a company’s processes and they learn how to use the SAP system without having to worry about “breaking” anything.

The focus is on hands-on learning at a “live” company. Fear of contact is reduced, basic understanding built up and people empowered to help themselves with the newly acquired knowledge.


Are you looking for an effective way to implement new SAP solutions? Do you want to update or expand your existing systems? Or do you want to prepare for Industry 4.0 and the intelligent business trend? Then a model company like this is an attractive option for your company.