Optimierung des Berechtigungsmanagements




06/2018 – heute


The Städtischen Werke Magdeburg GmbH & Co. KG (SWM) is the supply and disposal company for the state capital of Magdeburg. As such, they are responsible for supplying several hundred thousand households, businesses and companies with electricity, water, gas and heat.


SWM works with an individual role concept for its authorization management in SAP. In increasingly IT-supported business and operational processes, the role concept must be adapted to the current processes.


A well-designed authorization management system focuses not only on denying undesired access. Rather, the focus is on smooth business operations. This means that every employee must have the access needed to perform his or her tasks smoothly. The principle of efficient authorization management should be: as much as necessary, as little as possible.

Ultimately, however, data protection and the legal protection of the company and its employees also play a role in our work. We help SWM with experience and active support in the implementation of their role concept.



As part of a system separation due to a phased migration to SAP S/4HANA, it was necessary to assign authorizations during go-live in such a way that workability could be guaranteed from day one. The functional change, the number of users and the changes to authorization objects did not allow this step to be fully developed and tested during the migration project. Therefore, a start was made with far-reaching authorizations and comprehensive logging, which was the basis for optimizing authorization management during ongoing operations, which we actively support.

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